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How can I support waymark?

Development | Assets | Financial Contributions

Developing and maintaining this kind of code framework requires time and effort. It is provided freely under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, and there is no charge for its use, except insofar as proper attribution can be considered a cost. However, it is a considerable endeavour, and assistance is always appreciated. You can support us with your scripting talents, your asset creation experience, or your financial contributions.

Framework development

Talented programmers are always a great help in developing these scripts and we always welcome people up to our coding standards.

You can read our coding standards here, and apply to the development team through email.

Assets development

We are always looking for assets we can include in our common packs - especially for placeables, monsters, items, and wearables, provided they meet our quality standards.

If you are interested in submitting assets for inclusion in’s base asset pack collection, please reach out via email.

Financial contributions

As it goes, there are always server expenses, food to be eaten, and roofs to be kept above heads. If you cannot contribute scripting work or assets, please consider making a financial contribution to the framework to help us continue development.

All payments processed in Canadian Dollars (CAD$).
Conversion will be done by your bank; please check with your bank the conversion rates prior to contributions.
Payments are processed through the Lead Developer's business, Highland Arrow by their payment processor, Square.